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About Us

We are a couple of entrepreneurs (me and my wife) who started selling stuffs on ebay back in March 2013. We love to go hiking and camping, so we put on sale some backpacks we didn't use. It took a while to get the first sale (around 45 days), but anyways we knew it was not easy. We sold 2 backpacks and at the end of the day we lost money, since shipping cost was really expensive and with no experience we didn't make the right choice for shipping.

One week later we received an email from a customer asking for another backpack since he loved the one he bought from us. From that day on we realized that there are plenty of people who love tactical, camping and hiking stuffs (just like us). At the same time we realized that people who sale online these kind of sporting goods use to have very high prices.

Since 2013 we have been selling backpacks, range bags, holsters, mag pouches and all kind of tactical gear with very good quality and at a very affordable prices. We have over 1,790 happy ebay customers, 99.6% positive feedback and over 2,840 successful transactions.

Now we opened this online store and we offer very good quality items, fast shipping and really good prices, you can buy with the same confidence when you buy thorough the ebay platform.

You can find us on ebay with the ebay id: tactical_r_us

You can also visit my EBAY STORE.

Looking forward to give you the best service in the near future!!!